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Choosing Your Scenic Las Vegas Wedding Venue!

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Are you having a difficult time deciding on your Scenic Las Vegas Weddings wedding location? We offer so many options, but you may have trouble deciding on which venue is right for you. Here are a few of our top choices and the reasons for our choices.

  • Valley of Fire is our most popular scenic location and also offers the best sunsets. We do Valley of Fire Weddings every week, all year long. You will be amazed to see it in person because it is even more stunning than the photographs.
  • Mt. Charleston is a great scenic choice for the months of June-September. Mt. Charleston is usually about 20-30 degrees cooler than the greater Las Vegas area. If you love big trees with a mountain view, this is the location for you.
  • Our Scenic Gazebo is a very romantic and pretty outdoor setting for your wedding, especially when the roses are in bloom April-June. The wedding packages are also very affordable at this location for couples on a tight budget.
  • The Pahrump Valley Winery is the ideal place to have your wedding and reception. This is perfect for 0-40 guests and you and your guests can enjoy complimentary wine tasting after your ceremony and before your reception.
  • Lakeside at Tule Springs is a beautiful park setting with an abundance of wildlife. It is a good summer choice because of the mature shade trees. It is one of our personal favorites and we spend time there even when not doing weddings.
  • Our Scenic Studio is the perfect setting to have a traditional, “walk down the aisle” wedding. It can accommodate up to 40 guests and is also perfect when the weather is not ideal outside.
  • Our Las Vegas Strip packages are ideal for the couple that wants everyone to know that they were married in Las Vegas! There are many wonderful photo opportunities on the Las Vegas Strip.
  • Our Vintage Las Vegas Special is perfect for the couple that loves the idea of “Old Las Vegas.” You can get married in the Fremont Street area or at the famous Las Vegas Sign and follow with a private photo shoot at the Neon Museum/Sign Boneyard.
  • The Grand Canyon is perfect for couples wanting a very memorable experience. This is a truly amazing location and it is a fantastic and scenic helicopter ride.
  • Lake Mead offers a beautiful background for a wedding and the famous Hoover Dam is great to see (packages 3 and 4 include the Hoover Dam).
  • Lake Las Vegas is the perfect choice if you love and water and would like to get married on a Gondola or Yacht.
  • Red Rock Canyon is another very breathtaking location with beautiful backdrops for your wedding photos.
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Valley of Fire

Mt. Charleston

Scenic Gazebo

Pahrump Valley Winery

Lakeside at Tule Springs

Scenic Studio

Las Vegas Strip

Neon Museum

Grand Canyon

Lake Mead

Silverstone Golf Club

Lake Las Vegas

Red Rock Canyon




Have Your Vow Renewal or Commitment Ceremony with Scenic Las Vegas Weddings!

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Any of our Scenic Las Vegas Weddings packages can be done as a Vow Renewal or a Commitment Ceremony. Las Vegas Vow Renewals and Las Vegas Commitment Ceremonies are a very romantic and fun way of expressing your love for one another. And, what better place than to do it than Las Vegas! We perform same sex ceremonies and are a gay friendly wedding vendor.

From the fabulous Las Vegas Strip to the incredible Valley of Fire, or any of our other locations, it is a wonderful way to celebrate your love and union as a couple. So, contact Scenic Las Vegas Weddings and we will help you book your Vow Renewal or Commitment Ceremony today!

Reasons You Might Want a Vow Renewal

  • You want a romantic and special way to celebrate your 5-year, 10-year, 25-year, etcÂ… wedding anniversary
  • You want some FANTASTIC photos that you did not get the first time
  • You only got married legally before, and now want to marry religiously
  • You did not get all dressed up in wedding attire and now you want to
  • Your first wedding had some element of disaster, and you want a do-over
  • You didn’t have much money for your first wedding, and you want a more elaborate wedding
  • You got married with only a few people present, and you’d like to say wedding vows in front of lots of family and friends
  • You’ve had some rocky times in your relationship, and would now like to reaffirm your commitment to one another
  • You think it would be romantic

Reasons You Might Want a Commitment Ceremony

    • You want a romantic and special way to celebrate your 5-year, 10-year, 25-year, etcÂ… anniversary as a couple
    • You want some FANTASTIC photos of the two of you
    • You are a same sex couple and you want to have a wedding ceremony
    • You are a not a same sex couple and you want to commit without the legally binding aspects of marriage
    • You think it would be romantic
    • You’ve had some rocky times in your relationship, and would now like to reaffirm your commitment to one another

Las Vegas Strip Commitment Ceremony

Valley of Fire Commitment Ceremony

Valley of Fire-Vow Renewal and Commitment Ceremony