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Outdoor Las Vegas Weddings

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Outdoor Las Vegas Weddings

Outdoor Las Vegas Weddings are our specialty! We have a variety of wonderful Las Vegas outdoor wedding locations to offer to our couples. You can have a garden gazebo wedding, a lakeside wedding, a wedding right on the famous Las Vegas Strip, a Red Rock Canyon Wedding, a Valley of Fire Wedding, or a Grand Canyon Wedding. There are so many great outdoor wedding locations and we can help you choose which Las Vegas outdoor wedding is right for you.

Affordable Valley of Fire Wedding Packages

We offer very affordable Valley of Fire weddings starting at $699. Valley of Fire is by far our most requested outdoor Las Vegas wedding location. With the beautiful red rocks, the desert landscape, and some of the best sunsets in the greater Las Vegas area, Valley of Fire is always an excellent choice for your outdoor wedding. If stunning wedding photographs are important to you, this is a great choice.

Las Vegas Garden Gazebo Weddings

Our beautiful and romantic Garden Gazebo offers a very elegant setting for your Las Vegas outdoor destination wedding. During the spring and early summer, the Garden Gazebo is in bloom with dozens of red and white roses. During the fall and winter, bright orange and red berries make a magnificent backdrop for an outside Las Vegas Wedding.

Mount Charleston Wedding Packages

Mt. Charleston is really hard to beat for a summer outdoor Las Vegas wedding venue. Temperatures are about 20-30 degrees cooler than in the Las Vegas Valley. Also with the beautiful mountain backdrop and the forest made up of Aspen and Pine trees, it is an awesome outdoor wedding location.

Lakeside Weddings in Las Vegas

A wonderful choice for an outdoor wedding venue in Las Vegas is our lakeside wedding location. You can have your Las Vegas wedding ceremony right next to the beautiful lake. Our lakeside wedding location is a great choice year round. It is also one of our most affordable destination wedding locations.

Lake Mead Weddings

Another great lakeside option for your outdoor Las Vegas Wedding is Lake Mead. Your Lake Mead wedding ceremony takes place on edge of a cliff (but not too close) overlooking beautiful Lake Mead. You can also choose to have additional wedding photos taken at the famous Hoover Dam.

Nelson Ghost Town

For a unique destination wedding location, Nelson Ghost Town is the perfect choice for your outdoor Las Vegas Wedding. We have just started offering Nelson Ghost Town weddings and it is definitely a wedding location like nowhere else! If you are up for a Las Vegas adventure wedding, this is just perfect for you. There are such a great variety of backdrops from old cars and trucks to movie set memorabilia, that the photo opportunities are endless.

Weddings at Lake Las Vegas

Another great outdoor wedding venue in Las Vegas is Lake Las Vegas. Our Lake Las Vegas wedding packages include Las Vegas Wedding Officiant and Las Vegas Wedding Photographer. We can assist you in booking your Lake Las Vegas Wedding on a gondola, on a yacht, or at a Lake Las Vegas Resort.

Grand Canyon Weddings

Another adventure wedding in Las Vegas is getting married at the Grand Canyon. This outdoor wedding begins with a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon. You are married on a plateau overlooking the Colorado River and have incredible scenery surrounding you for your wedding photographs.

Red Rock Canyon Weddings

Red Rock Canyon makes a stunning setting for your outdoor Las Vegas wedding. Red Rock Canyon is located about 30 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip and is a “must see” for any trip to Las Vegas. Weddings at Red Rock Canyon are definitely a Las Vegas favorite for outdoor weddings.

Custom Las Vegas Outdoor Weddings

We can also provide photography and/or Wedding Officiant for your custom Las Vegas Wedding. If you have a golf course, backyard, or any other outdoor Las Vegas wedding venue in mind for your special day, contact us for a custom quote.

Lakeside Weddings

Lakeside Outdoor Weddings

Valley of Fire Weddings

Valley of Fire Weddings

Mt. Charleston Wedding

Mt. Charleston Weddings



Outdoor Las Vegas Weddings: A Slideshow of All of our Outdoor Las Vegas Wedding Locations

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Here is a slideshow of all of our Las Vegas Wedding and Las Vegas photography locations:

Valley of Fire, Mt. Charleston, Pahrump Valley Winery, Lake Mead, Red Rock Canyon, Grand Canyon, Lake Las Vegas, Lakeside at Tule Springs, Scenic Gazebo, Scenic Studio, Scenic Amphitheater, Las Vegas Strip, Neon Museum/Sign Boneyard Death Valley, Nelson Ghost Town.



Las Vegas Weddings: Your Las Vegas Wedding Ceremony with Scenic Las Vegas Weddings!

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Each of our Las Vegas Wedding Officiants comes prepared to perform either a Civil (non-religious) or religious ceremony for you on your special day. Your Las Vegas Wedding Officiant will ask you the following questions prior to your wedding ceremony:

  • Do you prefer a Civil or Religious Ceremony?
  • Do you have rings to exchange?
  • Do you have your own vows or any of your own words to say? (Most couples do not, so there is no pressure to do this).
  • Is the bride taking the groom’s last name (for pronouncement purposes only)?

You are more than welcome to bring your own vows and your Wedding Officiant can incorporate them into your wedding ceremony. Please keep in mind that it works out much better if you read your own vows to each other instead of the Wedding Officiant having you “repeat after me.”

You can also opt to add a unity candle ceremony ($50.00 additional charge) to your Scenic Las Vegas Gazebo, Studio, or Amphitheater wedding package.

Also, if you bring your whole ceremony and hand it to your Wedding Officiant, please keep in mind that the Wedding Officiant will have to read it (as opposed to speaking from memory) and it may sound very awkward. We suggest bringing your own vows or a few things to say to each other at most.

Your wedding ceremony will be approximately 5-8 minutes long, but may be shorter if you are getting married somewhere on the Las Vegas Strip. You should not worry about your guests standing if you have a wedding venue that does not offer chairs because they will only have to stand for a short period of time.

If you do not have wedding guests or have few guests, we suggest that the bride and groom start standing arm and arm. If you are having a bigger wedding, you are more than welcome to have a bridal party stand up with you.

You may also choose to “walk down the aisle” at the following locations: all Scenic Locations (except Grand Canyon) and our Scenic Gazebo/Studio/Amphitheater. The only place to “walk down the aisle” on the Las Vegas Strip would be your hotel room/suite. It does NOT work out to try to “walk down the aisle” or stay hidden from each other for a Las Vegas Strip Wedding. We know that it is your day, but we do as many as 1,000 weddings a year and we really do know what works and what does not.

Ceremony (processional) music is available upon request for many (but not all) of our locations. This must be pre-arranged with our Scenic Las Vegas Weddings office.

Again, this is your day, but take our advice when we tell you that aisle runners do not work well at our scenic locations! We have seen it done, but it does NOT look nice and people end up tripping if it is windy or if you try to place it over bumps or on the grass. Ladies, leave the runners at home!

Please note: All Scenic Las Vegas Weddings can be done as a vow renewal or commitment ceremony.



Lake Mead Wedding Ceremony

Pahrump Winery Wedding Ceremony

Scenic Gazebo Wedding Ceremony

Scenic Gazebo Wedding Ceremony







“Las Vegas Weddings: Getting Married in Las Vegas: Beyond the Cheap Las Vegas Strip Chapels in Today’s Tough Economy”

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History of Las Vegas Weddings

Las Vegas hosts more than 1 in 20 marriages in the United States. Clark County (Las Vegas) issued 91,890 marriage licenses in 2010 alone. Las Vegas is also the entertainment capital of the world and with all the glitz and glamour that Las Vegas has to offer, it is a hotspot for weddings. It has gained the reputation as the “it” spot to “tie the knot!”

Even though Las Vegas is known for it’s last minute, cheesy chapel weddings and midnight drive thru weddings, this city is also home to destination weddings that require plenty of planning for in preparation of vows that last a lifetime. Las Vegas has couples from around the world planning their perfect Las Vegas destination wedding.

Since the 1930s, Nevada’s lure of fast, easy marriages has attracted countless couples looking to tie the knot. Although, the Las Vegas Chapel is still a popular option, Las Vegas now offers many more elegant, classy, and scenic option that more and more couples are choosing. Most of the Las Vegas Wedding Chapels have seen better days and are now many decades past their “heyday.”

Just like neighborhoods change over time, the “Las Vegas Chapel Row” on South Las Vegas Boulevard has dramatically changed as well. The area is now full of strip clubs, tattoo parlors, adult bookstores, pawn shops, and has a “ghetto-type” atmosphere. It is not a neighborhood that one should walk around in after dark. You may also come out of your chapel wedding to see prostitutes lingering in the area.

Modern Las Vegas Wedding Venues

Las Vegas may be best known for popularizing the wedding chapel ceremony. With opportunities for drive-through vows, Elvis impersonators to officiate, and intimate settings for elopement, Las Vegas wedding chapels provide some of the biggest business to Las Vegas’ wedding industry. But these chapels are far from the only place to be wed in this city.

The “mega” Las Vegas Strip Resorts also offer luxury Las Vegas weddings. Often organized by a hired wedding coordinator, these luxury weddings involve destination brides in intricate details and wedding day decisions. A Las Vegas luxury resort wedding offers all the commodities of a traditional wedding. This is a great option for couples where cost is not a consideration. Unfortunately, for most couples in today’s economy, cost is often the number one consideration.

The current US unemployment rate is 9.1% with an unemployment rate also topping 8% in the UK. While weddings still take place in a down economy, brides and grooms are scaling back and trimming the excess from their celebrations. The numbers show this dramatic shift: The average cost of a wedding dropped $10,000 a year after the recession began.

For destination brides or Las Vegas locals who prefer an elegant, affordable, and scenic wedding outside the Las Vegas Strip, Scenic Las Vegas Weddings is one local Las Vegas wedding company that offers many options. Scenic Las Vegas Weddings is family owned by a husband and wife team. The owners are both professional Las Vegas wedding photographers whose main goal is to provide spectacular photography, beautiful locations, and heartfelt ceremonies. Venues include: Scenic Gazebo, Valley of Fire, Lake Mead, Red Rock Canyon, Grand Canyon, Lake Las Vegas, Mt. Charleston, Pahrump Valley Winery, Nelson Ghost Town, Death Valley, and The Las Vegas Strip. Scenic Las Vegas Weddings also offers photography only and Wedding Officiant only packages at your location or at one of theirs!



The Grand Canyon

Central Las Vegas Strip

Valley of Fire

The Neon Museum/Sign Boneyard



Las Vegas Weddings: Are you looking for an affordable, but beautiful and classy Las Vegas wedding location?

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Are you on a tight budget for your Las Vegas Wedding? Can you really only afford one of the cheesy, ugly Las Vegas Wedding chapels for your Las Vegas wedding? Well, look no further, we can do a beautiful wedding for you and still keep you within your budget!

We are fortunate enough to be able to offer the most scenic and beautiful wedding gazebo in all of Las Vegas! If the weather is not cooperating, we can do your ceremony inside our Scenic Las Vegas Wedding Studio.


See our Specials Page for current specials!

Scenic Gazebo or Scenic Studio Wedding and Photography Packages

Scenic Gazebo/Studio Package 1 $299.00

  • Ceremony and photos in the Studio or at the Gazebo
  • Wedding Officiant – includes Religious or civil ceremony
  • Professional Photographer – all photos shot during allocated package time slot on photo DVD with all photo rights
  • 1 hour of gazebo or studio time

Studio/Gazebo Package 2 $499.00

  • Ceremony and photos in the Studio or at the Gazebo
  • Las Vegas Wedding Officiant – includes Religious or civil ceremony
  • Professional Photographer – all photos shot during allocated package time slot on photo DVD with all photo rights
  • Includes photos of bride and groom only at Tule Springs
  • 1½ hours package time

Important Information

  • For more than 25 guests, an on-site wedding coordinator must be added-$150
  • Package 1 and 2 cannot be booked within 2 hours of sunset
  • Add chairs to the gazebo–$3/chair
  • Add ½ hour photo shoot at Tule Springs–$125
  • Add 1 hour photo shoot at Tule Springs–$250
  • No outside photographers or videographers allowed for any package

Scenic Amphitheater Wedding Packages

Scenic Amphitheater Package 1 $599.00

  • Wedding Officiant – includes Religious or civil ceremony
  • Professional Photographer – all photos shot during allocated package time slot on photo DVD with all photo rights
  • 1 hour of Amphitheater time

Scenic Amphitheater Package 2 $799.00

  • Wedding Officiant – includes Religious or civil ceremony
  • Professional Photographer – all photos shot during allocated package time slot on photo DVD with all photo rights
  • 1½ hours of Amphitheater time

Important Information

  • For more than 25 guests, an on-site wedding coordinator must be added-$150
  • Package 1 cannot be booked within 2 hours of sunset
  • Add chairs–$3/chair
  • No outside photographers or videographers allowed for any package



Choosing Your Scenic Las Vegas Wedding Venue!

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Are you having a difficult time deciding on your Scenic Las Vegas Weddings wedding location? We offer so many options, but you may have trouble deciding on which venue is right for you. Here are a few of our top choices and the reasons for our choices.

  • Valley of Fire is our most popular scenic location and also offers the best sunsets. We do Valley of Fire Weddings every week, all year long. You will be amazed to see it in person because it is even more stunning than the photographs.
  • Mt. Charleston is a great scenic choice for the months of June-September. Mt. Charleston is usually about 20-30 degrees cooler than the greater Las Vegas area. If you love big trees with a mountain view, this is the location for you.
  • Our Scenic Gazebo is a very romantic and pretty outdoor setting for your wedding, especially when the roses are in bloom April-June. The wedding packages are also very affordable at this location for couples on a tight budget.
  • The Pahrump Valley Winery is the ideal place to have your wedding and reception. This is perfect for 0-40 guests and you and your guests can enjoy complimentary wine tasting after your ceremony and before your reception.
  • Lakeside at Tule Springs is a beautiful park setting with an abundance of wildlife. It is a good summer choice because of the mature shade trees. It is one of our personal favorites and we spend time there even when not doing weddings.
  • Our Scenic Studio is the perfect setting to have a traditional, “walk down the aisle” wedding. It can accommodate up to 40 guests and is also perfect when the weather is not ideal outside.
  • Our Las Vegas Strip packages are ideal for the couple that wants everyone to know that they were married in Las Vegas! There are many wonderful photo opportunities on the Las Vegas Strip.
  • Our Vintage Las Vegas Special is perfect for the couple that loves the idea of “Old Las Vegas.” You can get married in the Fremont Street area or at the famous Las Vegas Sign and follow with a private photo shoot at the Neon Museum/Sign Boneyard.
  • The Grand Canyon is perfect for couples wanting a very memorable experience. This is a truly amazing location and it is a fantastic and scenic helicopter ride.
  • Lake Mead offers a beautiful background for a wedding and the famous Hoover Dam is great to see (packages 3 and 4 include the Hoover Dam).
  • Lake Las Vegas is the perfect choice if you love and water and would like to get married on a Gondola or Yacht.
  • Red Rock Canyon is another very breathtaking location with beautiful backdrops for your wedding photos.
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Valley of Fire

Mt. Charleston

Scenic Gazebo

Pahrump Valley Winery

Lakeside at Tule Springs

Scenic Studio

Las Vegas Strip

Neon Museum

Grand Canyon

Lake Mead

Silverstone Golf Club

Lake Las Vegas

Red Rock Canyon





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Book Your Grand Canyon Adventure Today!!

Scenic Las Vegas Weddings is pleased to announce special Grand Canyon deals for our couples! A trip to Las Vegas just isn’t complete without seeing one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

Fly in style on a Beechcraft 1900D aircraft to this amazing wonder and land at Grand Canyon West as you enjoy spectacular views along Eagle Point. At the Indian Village you will receive a brief introduction to the Hualapai Indian legends and culture, and then proceed to Guano Point, where you’ll observe a breathtaking view of the canyon.

Have you ever wanted to walk on air? Don’t miss out on the Grand Canyon Skywalk, the new glass bridge attraction suspended more than 4,000 feet above the Colorado River on the very edge of the Grand Canyon’s West Rim.

To conclude this remarkable journey you will be served a meal while you sit back and admire the awe-inspiring beauty of the Grand Canyon.
Duration: approximately 6 hours (hotel to hotel)

Departure Point: South Las Vegas terminal (includes complimentary transportation to and from hotels within five miles of the Strip)
Items To Bring: Camera, sunscreen, photo ID (for anyone 18 yrs or older) and if you should forget anything visit our gift shop.
$309.00 inclusive per person ($209.00 $85.00 fees $15.00 fuel surcharge)

Optional activity – $35.00 fee to include the Skywalk
In an effort to protect the glass walkway and preserve the Grand Canyon, all personal items are not permitted on the Skywalk. This includes cameras, cell phones, strollers, purses, backpacks, etc.



Las Vegas Weddings: Grand Canyon Weddings with Scenic Las Vegas Weddings!

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Grand Canyon Wedding

Your excursion begins with a luxury limousine transfer from your hotel to the helicopter terminal located on the famous Las Vegas Strip. Your pilot will personally narrate your flight, which will take you over Lake Las Vegas, the world-famous Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and Fortification Hill, (an extinct volcano).

Keep an eye out for the desert wildlife and prepare yourself for a breathtaking flight into the Grand Canyon, where you will descend 3,500 feet below the rim to an exclusive landing spot where your ceremony will take place. Your ceremony, incredible photography, and videoography (video optional) will capture your unique and memorable wedding day!

While flying back through the Grand Canyon, you will observe the stunning red rock formations of the Bowl of Fire and Wild Pinto Wash. Conclude your adventure with a breathtaking flight over the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Las Vegas.
Duration: approximately 4-5 hours (from hotel to hotel).


Grand Canyon – Scenic Las Vegas Weddings

Package: $4,399.00

Minister – includes traditional or civil ceremony (ceremony in the Grand Canyon with pronouncement in Nevada)
Professional Photographer – minimum of 100 high resolutions photos on photo DVD with all photo rights.
Witness (if needed)
Courtesy limousine transportation for bride and groom and up to six guests
Private aircraft and landing site
Includes helicopter ride to and from the Grand Canyon for Bride, Groom, Photographer, Minister, and maximum of 2 wedding Guests*** with landing at private ceremony location
Champagne, hors d’oeuvres and beverages
***For additional guests, an additional helicopter can be purchased for up to 7 passengers (maximum of 1250 lbs)
Add Flowers and Video
Add a hand-tied 12-rose bouquet and matching boutonniere $50 (colors red, white, pink, peach, orange, or yellow)
Add a hand-tied 18-mini call lily bouquet and matching boutonniere $100
DVD of the Ceremony – High definition wide screen 1080i video quality $50

Grand Canyon Wedding

Photos: Las Vegas Wedding Photographer, Trey Tomsik