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Outdoor Las Vegas Weddings

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Outdoor Las Vegas Weddings

Outdoor Las Vegas Weddings are our specialty! We have a variety of wonderful Las Vegas outdoor wedding locations to offer to our couples. You can have a garden gazebo wedding, a lakeside wedding, a wedding right on the famous Las Vegas Strip, a Red Rock Canyon Wedding, a Valley of Fire Wedding, or a Grand Canyon Wedding. There are so many great outdoor wedding locations and we can help you choose which Las Vegas outdoor wedding is right for you.

Affordable Valley of Fire Wedding Packages

We offer very affordable Valley of Fire weddings starting at $699. Valley of Fire is by far our most requested outdoor Las Vegas wedding location. With the beautiful red rocks, the desert landscape, and some of the best sunsets in the greater Las Vegas area, Valley of Fire is always an excellent choice for your outdoor wedding. If stunning wedding photographs are important to you, this is a great choice.

Las Vegas Garden Gazebo Weddings

Our beautiful and romantic Garden Gazebo offers a very elegant setting for your Las Vegas outdoor destination wedding. During the spring and early summer, the Garden Gazebo is in bloom with dozens of red and white roses. During the fall and winter, bright orange and red berries make a magnificent backdrop for an outside Las Vegas Wedding.

Mount Charleston Wedding Packages

Mt. Charleston is really hard to beat for a summer outdoor Las Vegas wedding venue. Temperatures are about 20-30 degrees cooler than in the Las Vegas Valley. Also with the beautiful mountain backdrop and the forest made up of Aspen and Pine trees, it is an awesome outdoor wedding location.

Lakeside Weddings in Las Vegas

A wonderful choice for an outdoor wedding venue in Las Vegas is our lakeside wedding location. You can have your Las Vegas wedding ceremony right next to the beautiful lake. Our lakeside wedding location is a great choice year round. It is also one of our most affordable destination wedding locations.

Lake Mead Weddings

Another great lakeside option for your outdoor Las Vegas Wedding is Lake Mead. Your Lake Mead wedding ceremony takes place on edge of a cliff (but not too close) overlooking beautiful Lake Mead. You can also choose to have additional wedding photos taken at the famous Hoover Dam.

Nelson Ghost Town

For a unique destination wedding location, Nelson Ghost Town is the perfect choice for your outdoor Las Vegas Wedding. We have just started offering Nelson Ghost Town weddings and it is definitely a wedding location like nowhere else! If you are up for a Las Vegas adventure wedding, this is just perfect for you. There are such a great variety of backdrops from old cars and trucks to movie set memorabilia, that the photo opportunities are endless.

Weddings at Lake Las Vegas

Another great outdoor wedding venue in Las Vegas is Lake Las Vegas. Our Lake Las Vegas wedding packages include Las Vegas Wedding Officiant and Las Vegas Wedding Photographer. We can assist you in booking your Lake Las Vegas Wedding on a gondola, on a yacht, or at a Lake Las Vegas Resort.

Grand Canyon Weddings

Another adventure wedding in Las Vegas is getting married at the Grand Canyon. This outdoor wedding begins with a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon. You are married on a plateau overlooking the Colorado River and have incredible scenery surrounding you for your wedding photographs.

Red Rock Canyon Weddings

Red Rock Canyon makes a stunning setting for your outdoor Las Vegas wedding. Red Rock Canyon is located about 30 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip and is a “must see” for any trip to Las Vegas. Weddings at Red Rock Canyon are definitely a Las Vegas favorite for outdoor weddings.

Custom Las Vegas Outdoor Weddings

We can also provide photography and/or Wedding Officiant for your custom Las Vegas Wedding. If you have a golf course, backyard, or any other outdoor Las Vegas wedding venue in mind for your special day, contact us for a custom quote.

Lakeside Weddings

Lakeside Outdoor Weddings

Valley of Fire Weddings

Valley of Fire Weddings

Mt. Charleston Wedding

Mt. Charleston Weddings



Nelson Ghost Town Weddings and Photo Shoots in Las Vegas

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History of Nelson, Nevada

Nelson is on the Nevada side of the Colorado River in Eldorado Canyon, about 25 miles from Boulder City, Nevada. The area surrounding Nelson, Nevada and Eldorado Canyon was first home to ancient Indian tribes. After living peacefully for hundred of years, the Indians were intruded upon in 1775 by the Spaniards in their quest for gold. The Spaniards founded a small settlement next to the Colorado River and named it Eldorado. However, these early Spaniards missed the rich gold veins just beneath the canyon’s flanks, finding silver instead. They soon found that the silver was not in high enough quantities to justify their operations and they left the area.

Seventy-five years later, in the 1850s, prospectors began sluicing the many streams feeding into the Colorado River. One of the biggest mining booms in state history occurred near here, in the Eldorado Canyon. Silver and Gold were discovered in the area around 1859. The Techatticup became the most successful mine in the area, with millions of dollars in gold, silver, copper and lead mined throughout the years.

The Techatticup Mine, along with dozens of other mines in the area gave way to a number of settlements including Nelson and Eldorado at the edge of the Colorado River. In its heyday, the area established a reputation for being rough and lawless. During the Civil War, deserters from both sides of the war would end up in Nelson, hoping that military authorities would be unable to find them.

Modern Nelson Ghost Town and Nelson’s Landing

Nelson’s Landing, about five miles west in Eldorado Canyon, is famous for washing into Lake Mohave in 1974 after a strong downpour in the surrounding mountains sent the runoff down the channels and produced a flash flood. The entire landing and village was destroyed and nine people died when the flood came through the wash. The wall of water and debris was reported as about 40 feet high as it reached the river.

Much of Nelson, which was not impacted by the 1974 flood, remains today and is located way up the wash, away from the flood channels. The sparsely populated community consists mainly of privately owned ranch houses, and a river and mining tour business housed in a former Texaco gas station that has been used as a filming location for several feature films. Parts of the 2001 film 3000 Miles to Graceland starring Kevin Costner, Kurt Russell, and Courtney Cox were filmed in Nelson. The buildings were used for the film in the scene where the Lucky Strike gas station blows up (props from the movie can be seen in a barn on the grounds).

Nelson has a couple old barns, a saloon, gas pumps, old rusted-out vehicles, a water pump and even the remains of a plane crash from 3000 Miles to Graceland. Inside the main building you’ll be able to see a lot of artifacts from the area and dozens of photos of all the movie stars that have filmed movies in the area.

Nelson Ghost Town Weddings and Engagement Photography

Nelson Ghost Town is now one of the most popular places near Las Vegas to shoot engagement photos, family photos, and of course wedding photos. All of the fantastic props that are leftover from the movies, the old cars, and the ancient buildings, make great backgrounds for wedding and engagement photography. The local owners of the buildings and mine allow photographers on their property for a small fee. Book your Nelson wedding or photo shoot and let us help you make some memories to last a lifetime!

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Nelson Ghost Town

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Nelson Ghost Town

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Nelson Ghost Town

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Nelson Ghost Town

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Nelson Ghost Town